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Lots of people use the word ‘psychedelic’ but few feel the substance coursing through their veins like Dr Andy Haynes. His pedigree in music is well documented; he’s drummed for the worst band to ever come out of Nottingham, played Theremin on Hollyoaks, roadied for Blur and hosted his own radio show for more years than most of us had hot breakfasts.

Born in Taunton in the early seventies, he was raised by those awesome types of people who play The Beatles and The Who to their kids and he counts seeing Echo & The Bunnymen & The Flaming Lips live among his early formative experiences.

Andy doesn’t see listening to tunes and going to gigs as a way to identify himself to his peers like the wearing of a badge or an excuse to drunkenly lurch about the city like most of us do, although he does do those things too!

Instead, with him, it’s a kind of epiphany, an awakening, a deep level connection to some hidden undercurrent of humanity ~ and it’s just this kind of transcendental waffle that his new show dives under the covers of and injects sweet nothings into your ear after penetrating them for 8 minutes with backwards swirly guitars and echoey everythings!

He takes more pleasure from the simple act of finding a great band than anyone I ever met and I meet people who take pleasure from so much less. It’s infectious with him; he’s like the best kind of disease; you just wanna catch it in the vain hope it might scratch that perpetually healing scar that music makes in your mind. This is getting inappropriate now. if he ever gets inoculated then the world will be straighter and we all lose. I pray to the gods of the body electric that Andy continues to worship at the altar of music, weird and not weird alike.

Hook up your music machines to your speaker boxes and point them in the direction of Dr Andy’s Psych Ward on NGDigital on Sunday at 22:00 and at
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Disclaimer: Andy is not a real doctor.

Words: Alec David Bowman (The Wild Man of Europe)

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26th July 2015

19th July 2015

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