Jeremy Corbyn Leadership Rally – Nottingham August 2015


Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn – Nottingham Labour Leadership Rally – Live from The Albert Hall. 20th August 2015.

NG:Digital were very proud to be the only media outlet permitted to broadcast Jeremy Corbyn’s rally from Nottingham’s Albert Hall as part of his leadership campaign. This remarkable groundswell of support for the left wing career politician highlights the feelings of grass roots union members and local people and represents a major sea change for the future of the Labour Party.


Jeremy Corbyn MP
Richard Murphy, Tax Research UK and economics Advisor to Jeremy’s campaign
Manuel Cortes, General Secretary TSSA Union
Annmarie Kilcline, East Midlands Unite
Tony Kearns, CWU
Nadia Whittome and Umaar Kazmi, young Labour members
Chaired by Cheryl Butler, Leader of Ashfield District Council

Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign for the Labour leadership has electrified the contest and brought new ideas to a stale political system. He is Labour’s best chance of defeating the Tories at the next election and bringing back voters lost to the SNP, the Green Party and UKIP.

Our rally in the historic Albert Hall in Nottingham was one of dozens of packed out events Jeremy has spoken at across the UK. He was joined by trade union leaders and campaigners to rally support for his leadership bid and bring a new generation into the labour movement.

First broadcast from Nottingham’s Albert Hall on Thursday 20th August the original broadcast was presented by Darren Patterson and Mik Underwood.

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