Beyond Fracking – a Lecture by Paul Mobbs

beyond fracking

Beyond Fracking – a Lecture by Paul Mobbs

Paul Mobbs – Environmental Consultant.

Few people are more knowledgeable about the environmental, economic, social and health impacts of unconventional fossil fuel extraction than Paul Mobbs. A range of Paul’s recent articles can be found here

In this event Paul asks and discusses the following questions:
Is the present debate over ‘extreme energy’ in Britain just about energy supply, or is it something more fundamental? Practically, what does the actual data about present and future energy use in Britain tell us about this debate – and is current policy based upon verifiable
evidence, or is the evidence tailored to fit a certain desired

This workshop examines the public debate over ‘fracking’ and other forms of extreme energy as a question of political representation, and civil rights – and an economic process which is increasingly something
which is done ‘to’ the public rather than something which acts as a benefit ‘for’ them.

The presentation is structured around an examination of Britain’s past, present and project future energy use. By looking at the statistics for Britain’s energy use over the last century we can see how political and
economic policy has influenced our use of energy.

Against that background, does unconventional gas and oil fulfil the political – and arguably ideological – promises of prosperity made about it? Or is ‘fracking’ a distraction, obscuring a more critical debate about the nature of energy politics, and public participation in decision-making over our economic future.

Please not that this is a rebroadcast recording and therefore calls to action, times and dates for meetings that are mentioned in the recording will no longer be applicable.

Presented by Mik Underwood.

This programme was originally broadcast on 16th June 2015.